5 Easy Steps to Great Digital Signage


1. Keep it Simple.

Start small and keep the initial implementation simple. Digital signage can be shiny and exciting but go slow, phasing can be a great way to implement. Start with a very visible location and a reasonably simple content scheme that can be handled and updated easily. Whether it’s software, hardware, or networking, if it’s difficult, it’s not sustainable.

2. Digital Signage Strategy is Marketing Strategy.

Digital Signage is Marketing. Digital signs have specific functions for specific locations, such as directories, meeting room information, event listings, etc. But, in many instances, there is downtime with any digital sign. Using your marketing plan, you can seamlessly deploy content based on the audience, times of day, and locations to align with your marketing strategy. Timing digital content for the appropriate audience, at the appropriate time, is very effective for reaching your next potential customer.

3. Content is King, but keep it fresh.

Find a way to make the user "stop and smell the roses". You only have them for a few seconds so make it count. Use motion, animation, color, etc. People love video – so, use it. If users think what they’re viewing is cool, there is a greater influence on their positive experience in your facility.

4. Invest in your people as well as your infrastructure.

Digital Signage can be automated but it pays to have an "expert" on your team. The major misconception in the industry is that digital signage is difficult to use. In fact, it is the opposite. If part of your implementation strategy is to have a system “gatekeeper” this will go a long way to a successful initiative. If you have a team member “owning” your system it will be worth it. You must believe in the system, but also make it so your people do too.

5. Grow and expand.

If you have mastered one digital sign you can and will master 10, 25, even 100. The daunting task isn’t installing 100 screens, it is having the plan to maintain them with fresh and relevant content that can be automated or maintained will little effort from your team and gatekeepers.


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