Graphics: 5 Things to Consider When Considering Environmental Graphics

July 2019


So, you'd like some graphics? Here are the first items our team accesses when it comes to graphics for a facility, and you should too.

1. Set the Experience

How would you like people to feel when they encounter the space?
Large format or environmental graphics can be beautiful eye-catching displays that set the mood, tone, and culture of your space while supporting your brand.

2. Design is Everything

Who is providing the design? What will be the process for reviews and final approvals? Artwork needs to be created at the highest resolution possible either internally or with a design team (like us). Stock images can be purchased, but sometimes historical or regional imagery is nice (as long as the resolution is such that it can be scaled nicely).

3. Location Determines Product

Interior or Exterior? Size of space? It makes a big difference during product selection and installing. There are different materials for different conditions and needs (like updating in the future).

4. Solid Surface Information

What is the surface of the desired location? Glass, drywall, textured wall, concrete, brick? Each is a unique application and needs special consideration to choose the product with the right adhesion.

5. Longevity

Is this a forever sign? Or how often will you change the design?

The goal of these questions is to quickly set expectations early.
It is SO important to make sure the design, product, and install are correct for your unique situation.

Do you have questions, or would you like to talk through your answers? Contact us today!

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