5 Things We Learned From Libraries

April 2018


National Library Week, April 8-14, 2018

Libraries offer something for everyone. Whether you’re catching up on magazines while your children play, finding a corner to hide away and get some serious studying done or sitting in the stacks reading a great page-turner, libraries are vast in knowledge, people, and experiences. As a valuable part of the community, we honor our local libraries on National Library week, April 8-14th.

Libraries hold a special place in our heart here at Latitude. We’ve partnered with libraries and their communities across the states of Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois on renovations, new builds, and recognition displays.

Five Important Things We’ve Learned:

  1. The library does not exist without the community. Well planned campaigns and thoughtful recognition signage is imperative to honor those who support the library.
  2. Library staff are passionate about their facilities. A high level of care, thoughtfulness, and understanding is necessary with the design and planning of signage whether it be interior, exterior, donor, or digital.
  3. Libraries are typically wide open spaces (with lots of shelving, obviously). Bold overhead signage allows patrons to come in and scan their environment to develop their path.
  4. Resources are tight. Any funds saved can be easily spent in other areas to benefit patrons. Value engineering a sign design with similar products that do not compromise the design are always a great solution.
  5. Librarians are the nicest people on the face of the earth. If you can’t find something all you need to do is ask.

Our entire Latitude team encourage you to visit your local library soon. Lastly, warm wishes to all of our friends at the American Library Association a Happy Library Week! #ilovemylibrary


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Facebook: @AmericanLibraryAssociation

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