Aluminum Steals the Look of Rusted Steel


5 Reasons to Consider an Alternative to Cor-ten Steel for Signage

Get the industrial look of rusted steel using aluminum and Latitude's faux weathering and rusting finishing process for signage that looks like this:

5 Reasons to Choose Finished Aluminum over Rusted Steel:

1. Lighter Weight

At ⅔ the weight of steel, per square foot, this product is more easily and more economically installed. Only light-duty machinery and minimal labor are needed at install time.

2. Durability

The finish of the material is NOT rusting so the finish is not degraded any further. It will never rust through or discolor surrounding materials.

3. Customization Opportunity

Need illumination, routed lettering, or a custom shape? No problem, aluminum allows for this flexibility. No torches, water jet saws, or welders are needed like with Cor-ten steel.

4. Better Vandal Resistance

The process involves applying a primer with iron flakes to aluminum then clear coating to seal the material. This clear coating fends off possible vandalism by sealing the material and making it easier to clean.

5. A More Controlled Look

Using samples, we are able to choose and collaborate over the best color for the project. The rust color is controlled during the production process by the time the material is allowed to process.

How Faux Rusted Aluminum Signage works:

A primer and iron flake solution are applied to the aluminum sign with an acidic solution sprayed over to begin the “rusting” chemical reaction. Depending on the rust level, the sign could sit for a couple hours or overnight.

Clients are able to choose the look based on product sample ranges. Once the desired rust level is achieved a clear coat is applied to stop the rusting reaction permanently.

While aluminum can be more expensive than steel, the value-added difference is made up quickly through the control of the look, flexibility of design, durability of the product, and the labor needed at install.

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