Best Outdoor Architectural Signage of 2022

February 2023


Best Outdoor Memorial Signage and Most Patriotic

Near the Air Force Academy, a group of alumni wanted to pay homage to memorialize General Robin Olds, a triple ace combat pilot and commandant of cadets at the Air Force Academy.

Where do you start with an Air Warrior Combat Memorial? You tell the story for future generations.

Using (14) 5'h x 10' panels to share the story of air combat history in each United States war. Telling the story of the many combats throughout history gives visitors a visual representation to experience. It was imperative that all panels be readable from 6' back. In the end, these panels are about a 10’-15’ foot visibility, allowing more people to share the experience at once. The 14 panels span across two separate walls forming an outer 'V' surrounding the bronze statues both made by a member of the class of 1971.

The inner 'V' consists of 6 panels that display the AFA code of conduct and the AFA fight song, but the star of the show is the (2) photo collage panels in the middle of both walls. All of these panels are ¼” thick direct embed printed aluminum panels and tell the story beautifully for generations to come.

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Best Channel Letters in the Big 12: Iowa State University

There’s been a lot of buzz at Iowa State University about this project. Spanning a quarter mile across University Boulevard in Ames, Iowa this new open-air bridge connects the pre-game parking lots with Jack Trice Stadium. The end result gets everyone to the game quicker and safer while providing a great opportunity for branding through signage.

The 50” letters that welcome everyone as they drive in, were a precise and coordinated effort. From integrating with the 9-foot perforated panels on the bridge to coordinating phased lane closures to ensure a smooth install. The letters and all four logos illuminate with LEDs and might make other teams in the Big 12 “red” with envy.

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Best Custom & Donor Outdoor Signage: Public Spaces

Spanning 66 acres this new park in Waukee, Iowa, hosts numerous baseball and softball fields, practice areas, pond, greenspaces, trails and a 15,000 sqft inclusive. Signage is integral to a great experience for visitors, teams, parents, etc. Partnering with Confluence Landscape Architecture on the production design, manufacturing, and installation of this signage with a design nod to the mining history of the area.

The outdoor donor signage is really a must-see with an interesting visual effect as you walk by.

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Best Corporate Outdoor Architectural Signage: Lely

Lely is making a visual impact on highway 163, this 5-foot tall, 12 inches deep letter structure spans 84 feet wide and is illuminated at night. These “farming innovators” letters bring the interest of passer-buyers coupled with the Lely logo on the same side of the building help bring brand awareness for the new Lely North American headquarters located just outside Pella, Iowa. If these aren’t a head-turner we don’t know what is.

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