Branding Through Signage

Thu, 22 Sep 2016


The most important and valuable asset that a company owns is its brand. Bringing the brand into your facility space creates a multi-dimensional experience that is physical and sensory, creating a memorable impression.

How Signage Brands Your Environment

Environmental branding creates a sense of place or familiarity. It is particularly effective in retail and public spaces (take a stroll through any mall), and is often applied to corporate settings to reflect and elevate the character of a company and enhance the user’s experience. Branded work spaces create a personal connection to your brand, increase employee engagement, and studies show it improves performance as well.


  • How can my brand carry over into a built space or physical environment?
  • How can a sign system and environmental graphics help shape my brand?

Interior, exterior and digital signage are very effective vehicles for a company to showcase its brand within a facility. A creative sign design can promote the organization’s brand throughout its facility by integrating the logo, organizational colors, and themes effectively into the signage. The addition of environmental graphics works to further develop a cohesive climate, effectively extending the audience experience deeper into the organization’s messaging. Key within is an integrated approach to create a common consistency in the messaging across all elements.

>> Explore how Latitude integrated the unique identity and brand elements into the Danfoss facilities through their signage package

>> and at the Kinross Americas Regional office.

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