Bring the Outdoors In!

July 2017


You don’t need the "elements" to create a unique architectural signage.

Get the look of Cor-ten (rusted) steel using aluminum and our faux weathering/rusting steel finishing process.

Why this is so cool:

  1. Versatility Overhead panels, room signs, decorative accents, custom shapes, illuminated lettering, dimensional lettering, routed designs, donor recognition displays, Wayfinding signage, and pretty much anything you can think of would be a great fit for this unique product. You can even add the rusted finish panels with other materials for a mixed-media look with tactile graphics.
  2. Durability The finish of the material is NOT rusting so the finish is not degraded any further nor will it cause damage (staining) to any of it surroundings. It will never rust through or discolor surrounding materials.
  3. Easy Upkeep The "rusting" process involves applying a primer with iron flakes to aluminum then clear coating to seal the material. This clear coating fends off possible vandalism by sealing the material and making it easier to clean.
  4. A Controlled Look We are able to choose and collaborate over the best rust level for the project. The rust color is controlled during the production by the amount time the materials are allowed to process. For example, one hour will produce less of a rust finish than five hours.

How it works:

A primer and iron flake solution are applied to an aluminum surface. An acidic solution is then applied, which begins the “rusting” chemical reaction. Depending on the desired rust level, the sign could sit for a couple hours or as long as overnight. Once the desired rust look is achieved a clear coat is applied to stop the rusting reaction permanently and seal the material. The product will not continue to degrade.

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