Proactive Problem Solving is how Latitude Saves the Day for Clients

September 2017


Solving potential architectural signage installation issues before they become a problem for the client is how Latitude’s commitment to excellence distinguishes itself from the rest of the industry.

Latitude recently completed a total signage package for the Element by Westin hotel in West Des Moines, Iowa. Hotels are challenging from an architectural signage standpoint, requiring signs which serve a variety of purposes for guests and staff. Thanks to our proactive project focus, Latitude’s local representative, Tony Squire, project manager and professional installers were able to solve the issues before they became a problem for the client.

Challenge #1: Wiring a large, illuminated exterior sign without affecting guest rooms.

SOLUTION: Latitude Signage experts identified early that the wiring for the massive exterior sign was running into a guest room. They worked with the contractor during the open wall construction phase to reroute the wiring and locate transformer boxes in an interior hallway. This solution creates a seamless guest experience and provides easy access to the transformers.

Challenge #2: Construction updates changed wayfinding signage placement needs.

SOLUTION: A few changes to the original architectural plan during construction changed some signage needs and the placement of several signs. Local project managers who were frequently on site were able to make changes to the signage plan and work with Latitude’s professional installers to make sure everything was placed accurately.

Challenge #3: Between the design phase and completed construction on the hotel, fire code regulations changed in West Des Moines.

SOLUTION: Latitude Signage experts recognized that the change in the Des Moines fire code would have implications for their client. Emergency evacuation and wayfinding signs were proactively updated to comply with the new regulations. The fire marshal approved our solution and saved the client from frustrating delays.

"Having a partner that is willing to run with signage on a hospitality project in a turnkey fashion is critical for us," says Dave Thorpe, Managing Director, Design & Construction.

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