Expert Profile: Ann Pauls

July 2019


The mountains are calling and I must go.

John Muir

While swishing down the slopes, Ann Pauls notices the monument sign at one of her favorite ski lodges is in desperate need of repair and makes a mental note to connect with the owner. Even when she’s out enjoying her active Colorado lifestyle, she’s got signage on her mind.

Ann moved from the East coast to Denver where she joined Latitude, Colorado a little more than a year ago as a project manager. She brought more than 10 years of signage experience. Now she’s transitioning from project management to the sales team.

Working first as an Latitude project manager was a great way to learn the company’s processes. I’m so excited to be back in the field working with clients. I like working with people and helping them take a big blank space and figure out what they want and how to make it happen. In the end when they see what they created, they’re so proud. It’s fun to be a part of that experience.

Ann Pauls, Business Development - Latitude Signage, Colorado

Be Ready For Anything

It’s also fun to be working in an area of the country she loves. After visiting a college friend in Colorado, Ann quickly made plans to return and eventually made the move to Colorado.

Colorado winters and skiing may have attracted Ann to Colorado, but she’s also become an accomplished hiker. To prepare for more off-trail experiences Ann took mountaineering and survival courses. “Anything can happen when you’re covering a rocky terrain, and I always want to be as prepared as possible,” Ann says.

Her attention to detail, tenacity for planning ahead, and being ready to handle any obstacle translates well to the world of signage. “Message schedules and product designs can be overwhelming for the end user,” Ann says. “But I love being able to walk them through the details and help them visualize how 2-D renderings are going to transform their space.”

With experience working with a variety of clients, Ann has creative ideas for schools, health care, housing, architectural exterior signage, and donor walls. “Collaborating with clients is my favorite part of the process,” Ann says. “The wheels start spinning and they start asking ‘What if we did this? Or that?’ And then I find them the right materials to meet their expectations—and their budget!”

Ann also credits the quality of Latitude’s creative solutions to the stellar team that produces the signs. “What makes Latitude different is the personnel. From beginning to end, everyone really cares about what they’re working on and takes pride in what they do. The difference is felt internally as well as with the clients when we exceed their expectations.”

When people here ask ‘What do you do?’ They respond with a list of hobbies and interests, not their job title or resume stats. There’s a different mindset here. It’s a wonderful place to live and work

Ann Pauls

The change in scenery and the transition to sales is a game-changer for Ann. “When you do what you love in a place that you love, nothing could be better.”

Connect with Ann on Linked In, or email her to grab a coffee.



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