Inspiration in a Standard System

January 2017


Customizing a standard product is a wonderful option to transform a stock system into a look that is unique to your facility. Utilizing a standard (mass-produced) product for your custom sign system can better adhere to a consistent appearance, yet still add flexibility.

Product lines such as Venus and Horizon extrusion systems help make replacing the functional aspect of a sign much easier.

Essentially one is allowing for the unified sign design to be made up of multiple parts, thus creating a customized modular system that can be changed, updated, or expanded in the future. Customizing a standard system is most commonly executed in two ways: the addition of a backer or other accessories, or the use of print-to-panel graphics.

Brand or design elements are easily incorporated and also easily updated without discarding the entire sign; be it a window with lens and insert, a simple insert extrusion, or the in-use slider. This saves cost for the customer as the entire sign does not have to be replaced.

The Reflections product line is very low profile, easily blending and integrating well with any design ideas, with other products, or with custom builds. With the increasing growth of printing capabilities many of these standard line products lend themselves easily to custom direct print (print-to-panel) projects. They become the perfect material to apply an array of printed custom design graphics to.

Incorporating a modular and time-tested product into a custom look is a perfect way to help insure an overall sign design will function in a predictable way and cost remains consistent. To learn more about how you can customize standard signage systems for a clean, professional look, Contact Latitude Signage.

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