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February 2017


Take Away Hunger

Twelve Latitude employees participated in the February Take Away Hunger event in Grinnell, Iowa. This was our second year volunteering to make an impact on the global fight against hunger by "giving through doing." A packaging party team of 12 Latitude employees made a difference by packing meals - each package containing a meal for a family of 4. Take Away Hunger is a food relief organization that unifies local teams of people who package a specialized rice based, soy casserole mixture which is used locally and overseas. It is based on a simple principle of people helping people.

Festival of Trees and Lights

Each year, Latitude partners with the Iowa Architectural Foundation to support the Blank Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees and Lights. This event is the main fundraiser for the Hospital’s Child Life program and the Center for Advocacy and Outreach. Latitude’s production facility creates the unique ornaments that adorn the tree. This year’s design utilized our laser capabilities to create etched acrylic ornaments, featuring nine "significant Iowa houses."

"As always, the ornaments crafted by Latitude are beautiful. The organizers of Festival have told us they look forward to seeing our theme every year, and the ornaments are truly the most important part of the theme." - Kristin McHugh-Johnston

Valentines for Immanuel

At a routine meeting with Cheri Mundt, Immanuel Communities, Latitude Business Development Manager Erin Carey was inspired to contribute to their annual Valentine’s for Senior’s. Employees and family from our Nebraska and Iowa offices created over 40 homemade Valentine’s Day cards. Latitude’s contribution was part of over 7,000 valentines that were delivered to seniors in 43 different care communities across Omaha.

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