Expert Profile: Todd Carey

October 2017


Meet Todd Carey, VP of Business Development & Marketing

Wannabe good golfer, Freelance Comedian, Sign Expert, and General Fun-Haver

What did you do before you joined Latitude?

I was a middle school math teacher for several years and loved it but wanted to try something new.

One day I approached the owner Tom Latimer, who is also my father-in-law, about working for him while earning an MBA. He agreed and I’ve learned the company from all angles. I worked as an Installer, an Estimator, a Project Manager, General Manager, Business Development, and a few other roles along the way. Earlier in 2017, I became Vice President of Business Development and Marketing and it’s wonderful to work with our sales team in Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois.

What projects make you really proud to work with Latitude?

I’d choose any project that really push our capabilities over any high dollar or high profile project.

There are almost limitless possibilities to what we can do. I love projects that push our designers to come up with new ideas and push our production experts to figure out what materials and methods are needed to achieve something that’s never been done before.

For example, donor recognition projects are especially cool. Working with nonprofits and foundations to understand their campaign goals, then help them come up with a custom recognition wall that fits their campaign, honors their donors, and makes visitors stop in their tracks is very gratifying. I find it really interesting to see what our design and production team can come up with; I never see the same thing twice.

What differentiates Latitude from other sign companies?

This is truly a family business and culture.

Tom and Dianne started this business in their garage and their first employees were her parents. And then her sister and so on. Even today, Tom and Dianne’s kids are involved in the business along with other relatives. If you aren’t family, you’re likely a friend of the family. This sense of family initiates a solid sense of team throughout the company. Our average tenure is 18 years! Not many companies can say that.

Lastly, even though we design and manufacture these huge architectural sign packages and solutions, we never take ourselves too seriously. We have A LOT of fun.

What makes you a signage expert?

My experience and my team’s experience.

We literally learn or do something new every day. While no one can know it all, I’m confident in my team and our collective knowledge.

There are SO many options when it comes to design, materials, production/fabrication and installation methods. But, I’m confident if I don’t know the answer to a question, I know the person who does have the answer. I rely on our whole team to figure out the best solutions.

If you could go an all-expenses-paid dream vacation, where would you go?

Easy, Italy. I’d just like to experience the sights, history and culture… and the food!

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