Latitude at the Iowa State Capital

December 2016


Latitude’s Karen Hanson, as part of this year’s Poweshiek Leadership Program (PLP), recently visited the Iowa State Capital to witness state government functions and how local leaders have the ability to impact future decisions.

Each year for the past 16+ years, Latitude has made the investment to sponsor an employee through the Poweshiek Leadership Program (PLP) and we are proud that two of our employee-graduates also return to the program as class facilitators.

The Poweshiek Leadership Program is designed for area employers to grow employees into community leaders. This program focuses on uniting emerging leaders, increasing participants’ knowledge of county issues, developing a collective vision for the county, and enhancing each person’s ability to lead. PLP offers various hands-on learning experiences, group activities, team building, discussions, and presentations addressing topics and issues that our county is faced with. This year’s class will focus on the following topics: Finding the Leader Within; What Are Our Community Resources; Local County and State Government; Collaborating with Youth; and Economic Development as it relates to business, industry and agriculture.

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