Color-Changing LED Technology for Eye-Popping Signage

Thu, 02 Jun 2016


LED technology has been in the forefront of the signage industry for the past decade. Now color-changing LEDs have taken center stage.

RGB LEDs have found their way into signage, to add eye-popping results. Businesses are always looking for a way to catch the eyes of potential customers. Whether looking for the perfect color match for a corporate logo, or the use of fully programmable schedule of color changing effects - color changing LEDs are marking their mark on the industry through illuminated signage.

Two main control systems are currently offered. The user-friendliest version can be run with a remote control. The remote version allows you to easily dial in on colors. The remote system also comes with pre-programmed sequences. For the tech savvy customers, the second option is a computer-controlled software. This function allows for full control over programming. Giving the user the ability to customize lighting patterns.

Color changing LEDs are bringing new life into the field. They easily add design value to help push a brand.

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