Meet Justin Halverson, Colorado Sign Expert

June 2021


Meet Justin Halverson, Colorado Sign Expert who worked from start to finish on the Denver Health Outpatient Medical Center project.

What aspect of your workday do you enjoy the most?

Figuring out the individual challenges my clients have. “Adding another sign” isn’t always the solution. Helping to make a brand shine and navigate their space is where our team shines. My goal is to provide signage that is thoughtfully designed for a client’s space and on budget.

What is one thing you want potential customers to know about you?

I’m a 16-year signage veteran. I began cutting the grass and taking out the trash, then learned the art behind fabricating and installing signs, and now I have the opportunity to partner with clients to reach their goals through signage. I know fabrication, digital printing, ADA signage, and installation. There are a million tips and tricks for what works, and more importantly what doesn’t work. When you come to me asking for an idea or with an idea, know that I have the experience to make the right recommendations and the team that can execute on it.

What is your favorite project you have completed and what made it special?

The Air Force Academy Athletics. This project was very special, as it’s such a historic NCAA program. There was an interesting mix of products that were unique to this project, like the framed fabric graphics. These graphics can be printed and switched out in just minutes to keep their branding up to date at all times. This application allowed their branding to rise to the forefront of the cadet field house, which was huge for recruiting. The hallways are no longer bland with minimal pictures from the 1970s; they are filled with graphics to enhance AFA’s brand and inspire each recruit to achieve their full potential.

What part of each project gives you the most joy?

My favorite part is about a year after a project has finished being installed, invoiced, and is completed. I love to see our signs successfully in place indoors as well as the exterior signs illuminated and enhanced with landscaping, just as we envisioned. There’s a bank in my hometown that I manufactured signs for back in 2008 and it always makes me proud to drive by them when I’m back home. They haven’t changed a bit since the day I made them. Knowing that I sell a quality product that can last makes my job so much easier.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

When I’m not watching my favorite sports teams (Hawkeyes, Steelers, Jazz, Rockies), on the weekends my wife and I are hiking, driving to and from Target, or I am woodworking. Also in the last year, I jumped on the bandwagon of smoking meats and now I understand the obsession. It’s been a great new hobby for me.

Another one of Justin’s favorite activities? Taking you out for lunch! Set up a Lunch & Learn with Justin or any one of our Sign Experts here!

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