Meet our new Pull-Tab Sign Series!

October 2017


Communicate critical patient information in a sleek and stylish way.

Patient-Centered Medical Facility Signage

Every patient has specific needs: Allergies. Medication reminders. Special post-op instructions. Instead of digging through volumes of files to find critical information, healthcare professionals can take advantage of Latitude’s new pull-tab sign series to get the information they need in an instant.

Latitude’s new pull-tab sign series communicates critical patient information in a sleek and stylish way, which is also ADA and HIPAA compliant. The signs are customizable with numerous pull-tab options, and distinctive graphics. It’s easy to update the signs with interchangeable inserts.

There are two lines in the series:

The Venus line is a durable, flat-face modular interior signage system comprised of an anodized aluminum extrusion body, an optional design accent bar and insert options that provide a flexible system with a distinguished look.

The Horizon line is a clean, polished curved-face extrusion signage system design. It is based on a single piece of extruded aluminum, which creates stability and consistency across the line, and allows for a variety of panel insert solutions. The accent bar can be anodized or powder-coated or finished with a simulated woodgrain application.

What Makes Our Pull-Tab Signage the Best Choice:

  • ADA and HIPAA compliant.
  • Crafted with anodized aluminum, a sustainable and recyclable material.
  • Choose from flat, Venus product line, or curved face, Horizon product line.
  • Endless customizations including:
    • Pull-tab options - quantity, color, messages
    • Graphics options - sign background and pull-tab
    • In-Use/Not In-Use slider bar
    • Note Bar (Paper Holder)
    • Changeable inserts
    • Lockability

Contact our signage solutions team today to discuss your facility signage needs.

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