Reset & Reimagine: 2021 is through. Here’s the focus for 2022.

January 2022


Michael McKeag, CEO shares his philosophy going into 2022.

2021 proved to be as disruptive & challenging as 2020 but we were successful in creating many “win or grin” moments and worked hard to improve both the customer & employee experience. Revenue and new bookings increased in ’21 but we battled inflation, supply chain constraints, and labor shortage as did most businesses.

We see a fundamental shift in the economic engine of our times. Projects have displaced operations as the leader not just in our industry but worldwide.

Even in times of change, staying consistent with our 4 core values:

  1. Creative

  2. Collaborative

  3. Loyal

  4. Honest

These core values directly impact our 3 Primary 2022 Goals:

  1. Connect & support our employees.

  2. Continue to boost our internal communication effectiveness to enhance the customer experience

  3. Lead from within by staying curious & hungry.

Economic Challenges: What gets us through.

While economically on surer footing than the beginning of ’21, rest assured that this year's inflation will be a greater threat and provide for some near-term headwinds & contraction of margins. On the longer view, it likely could result in some nice surprises in both revenue & profits. We do foresee a challenge in accurately forecasting sales with both supply chain & labor shortages in the coming 12-16 months. Organizational grit, versatility and perseverance will push us forward with confidence.

Signage Industry Trends

Very similar to last year, we predict major developments & usage of LED lighting, 3D and digital printing technology, and sincere opportunities for competent design-build solutions. Furthermore, we feel software, AI, application scripts, and the overall “IoT” (internet of things) will develop tools that continue to push our products & services to higher levels.

Demand for new capital project spending should stay strong in healthcare, residential construction, and senior living markets including long-term sustained growth on infrastructure-related construction & renovation projects beyond 2023. The M&A market continues to be robust and should see plenty of new signage & branding opportunities. Clarity starts with the big picture, so our focus is to be visibly present and ready to take advantage of those opportunities.

Keeping the Focus Moving Forward

As always, we believe in 4 primary organizational strategies:

  1. “People first” – machines & processes learn but people lead. Connect with employees!

  2. Innovate! Now more than ever we must innovate or die. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  3. Honesty – Sticking to our core values, we must be honest with ourselves, customers, and stakeholders. Simply put, “Be where your feet are.”

  4. Grow - Spend capital on long-term bold moves to adapt & grow strategically with purpose.

If you have questions or want to connect with Michael or anyone from our team, email us.

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