Signage Expert: Todd Carey


Todd Carey has 20 plus years of experience at Latitude Signage+Design where he has taken on more than a few roles. He has worked as an installer, an estimator, and a project manager. His dedication and valuable experience from all sides of the company has led him to his current role in the company as the VP of Business Development + Marketing, where he oversees sales operations across multiple states.

When it comes to projects Todd finds pride in those who push the boundaries of Latitude capabilities. Opportunities where design and production teams meet to create innovative solutions is where Todd believes Latitude excels. His favorite type of projects are donor recognition projects, where he can work closely with nonprofits and foundations in order to develop a custom wall that captures campaigns and honors donors in unique ways.

What truly sets Latitude apart from other sign companies, according to Todd, is the deep sense of family within the business. Founded by Tom and Dianne in their garage, Latitude has remained a family business at its core.

Todd himself is part of the family through marriage, and he emphasizes the strong team dynamics and familial bonds that permeate the company. The average tenure of employees at Latitude is an impressive 18 years, a testament to the close-knit culture and loyalty that defines the organization.

Outside of work, Todd has a passion for golf and family. His well-rounded nature and penchant for fun make him a general fun-haver, always seeking opportunities to bring joy and laughter to those around him.

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