Signs of Hope - How the Cedar Rapids Public Library Overcame a Flood

Feb 2015


In 2008, a flood considered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to be "one of the worst and most costly floods in Iowa--and even U.S. history" completely destroyed the Cedar Rapids downtown Public Library building, along with half of the library's collection.

After leasing space at the Westdale Mall and consolidating the collection with books from other libraries, the town of Cedar Rapids eventually began construction of a new downtown Public Library in 2012.

The sign system was designed by OPN Architects with whom Latitude worked directly by providing a complete sign package (interior, exterior, and donor recognition wall).

The library reopened in August 2013 and saw over 600,000 visits from the community in its first year of service. What a great success!

Watch the following video to see the final outdoor branding being completed:

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