Top 5 Donor Walls of 2021

April 2022


Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa: Club Pathways Campaign

This eye-popping wall at the Boys & Girls Club of Central Iowa uses a mix of sizing and depths to share donors and donor levels in a more subtle way than listing the amounts given at each level. Integrating a digital screen allows them to share more information on the impact of donations, donor stories, and events as needed. Empty blocks are also included for future donor additions.

Morrison Community Hospital

The goal at Morrison Community Hospital was to recognize the donors, compliment with interior design, and share donor stories, foundation news, events, and activities. The integration of a digital screen allows all aspects to be achieved with this versatile donor wall.

DMACC Boone Athletic Expansion Wall

A growing need at DMACC Boone was an enhanced space for recreation, athletics, and community activities, this donor wall uses font sizing to show giving levels and an unobtrusive design that compliments their interiors and respects the brick background.

Northstar Foundation

North Omaha is growing and the Northstar Foundation is supporting this growth with a recent 3-phase expansion project. This donor wall uses color and size to share the donor information and is set on a unique background, a window. Consideration for mullions and the backside of the glass were both taken into account. Acrylic name blocks were fit to the mullions across the window panes. Names and donation amounts are realized in the size of the name and the block on the “wall.” Learn more about this entire project in the case study.

Air Force Academy: Air Warrior Combat Memorial

These donors are not just donors but also veterans, for the most part. This simple donor wall supported the big task of sharing the story of Air Warrior Combat in the United States. Exterior grade and room to grow this wall recognize anyone that gave $10,000 or more and all have the same sized plaque. Learn more about this entire project in the case study.

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