Vertigraphics: On-Site Wall Printing Technology


Vertigraphics prints designs, pictures, artwork, and text directly onto almost any vertical surface, including interior and exterior walls of any finish and size. Unlike traditional printing methods, we print and install in one step with our one-of-a-kind vertical printing machine.

An Alternative to Vinyl Graphics: Break the Hard Edge Barrier

Most hanging pictures, canvases, and signs have hard edges. While vinyl can be cut in different shapes, hard edges reign supreme. That means you’ve been limited to just large rectangles when you want to add interest to your wall space.

Our subtractive print process – the method of adding ink to a surface to make it darker or more colorful – gives us a massive advantage as we don’t need canvas edges with hard, straight, or simple shapes. Because we can print anything, we can introduce design elements that break outside hard lines in creative ways.

Design elements that break outside the hardlines:

  • Drop shadows. The easiest way to showcase a little bit of extra depth and dimension adding a faded drop shadow can give the illusion that the image is floating off the surface.
  • Faded edges. Having soft, faded edges mixed with harder, more defined edges to help maintain its sense of being grounded.
  • Highly detailed edges. Edges that are not straight help hide the actual border and are a great way to spice up prints.
  • “Breaking the wall.” The design uses multiple illusions of depth to give the appearance of breaking through or out of the wall.


Vertigraphics Advantages

Aside from being an innovative new way to bring beautiful designs to life, our vertical printing system has many benefits:

  • It’s portable. We bring our technology to you and set it up in your space at your convenience. Our machine is small and quiet enough that we can even print in fully occupied spaces.
  • It’s versatile. We print on glass, plastic, drywall, concrete, wood, plaster, brick, and stucco. If you have a vertical surface indoors or outdoors, Vertigraphics can print on it. Our UV-cured ink is 100% waterproof and formulated to withstand the durability requirements of hospitals and other regulated spaces.
  • It’s seamless. Our ink is thin, so it blends into the wall. Removal is easy—just use primer, two coats of paint, and you’ll be back to a blank canvas.
  • It’s visually stunning. We print designs, photos, and texts up to 1200 dpi. We work with high-definition CMYK colors; you can add gradients and drop shadows to give your design more dimension. Designs can be up to 13’ high, with unlimited width.
  • It’s sustainable. Our revolutionary vertical printing technology is environmentally friendly and requires zero waste products to install or remove.

Design Services

Not sure where to start? The Latitude design team can collaborate and strategize to ensure your design fits your goals.

Vertigraphics is excellent for:

  • Brand experience and awareness in corporate, retail, higher education, etc.
  • Privacy on windows or glass, interior or exterior.
  • Custom artwork for corporate and healthcare spaces.
  • Building pride for sports teams anywhere and everywhere.

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If you have questions or are unsure where to start, connect with us anytime.

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