How Digital Signage Impacts Brands

Increase your business. 59% of small business owners reported more sales after installing an on-premise sign according to the National Signage Research & Education Conference.

Deploy great messages that demand attention. We partner with the best for digital message centers, like our friends at Watchfire. Their Ignite OPx software makes creating and deploying software a snap, even if you’re not a designer or a developer. Discover how it works here.

Attract more vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Through digital signage, you can meet your audience where they’re at and pique their interest in your products or services in real-time.

Architectural design is brand awareness. It’s more than just an LED message board and software. The design of the entire sign makes a statement to both customers and the community. A thoughtful design that reflects your building and brand builds your credibility.

Digital Signage Expert Tips

Code. Code. Code. Know your local sign code first. Not sure how to start? Save your project valuable time and money by using a local expert familiar with researching the current sign code for your area. It varies throughout a city based on the zoning in the area of your business. A permit will need to be applied for, paid, and approved. The speed of messaging, construction, architectural design, and square footage should be addressed. Your local sign expert (here’s a link to find yours) can help you manage all of this.

Great Sign Visibility is a Must. Just like any exterior sign, it is important that the size and design are appropriate for the content, traffic, and viewing distance of its final install location. For digital message centers, this directly impacts the resolution of the sign.

Always Consider Pixel Pitch. Going hand in hand with visibility, pixel pitch is the distance between each cluster of LED diodes. The closer the spacing, the tighter the resolution, and the higher the image quality. Signs that are higher above grade or further from traffic can have a lower resolution (and budget) whereas a closer range of viewing requires a closer pixel pitch for a better viewing experience.

The Connection is Key. Communication to the sign happens one of three ways:

  • 4G wireless connection
  • Wireless radio - RWF or high-security
  • Fiber Optic Cable

Partner with one of our experts to help identify the best option for your brand and the environment of your sign’s final install.

Have a question? Email Todd, VP of Sales & Marketing, he’s got all the answers (or he’ll connect you with an expert he trusts in your area).

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