Signage Expert: Justin Halverson


Justin Halverson is an experienced Business Development Manager at Latitude Signage + Design. With a long history at Latitude and the sign business, Justin's journey began at 16. He mowed the lawn and gained hands-on experience in the printing process. While pursuing a degree in Graphic Technologies and Digital Printing, he continued to work part-time for Latitude. After completing his degree, Justin joined the company full-time, dedicating three years to the digital printing department.

Seeking new experiences, Justin explored opportunities with other digital print vendors and pursued a degree in Marketing. However, he realized that the caring culture and unique environment at Latitude were irreplaceable. Justin returned to Latitude, moved to the Denver office, and has been an integral part of the sales team for almost a decade.

The company fosters a family atmosphere, where everyone genuinely cares for each other's well-being. Returning to the main office in Grinnell, I’m greeted with warm hugs from colleagues who have known him for years. Latitude is not just a job, it's a place where I feel a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie

Justin Halverson

Justin primarily works with clients in the corporate, education, and healthcare industries, providing them with strong branding and detailed wayfinding solutions. His capability to manage large and unique projects while ensuring attention to detail makes him the go-to choice for these sectors.

Justin’s strong relationship with Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs has allowed for collaboration on numerous projects. The Air Force Academy Athletics initiative, a historic NCAA program, was special to him. The project involved various unique elements, including framed fabric graphics that allowed for quick and easy branding updates. By transforming the hallways with vibrant graphics, Justin and his team helped enhance the Academy's brand, and enhanced recruiting potential.

Outside of work, Justin has passion for sports, particularly as a dedicated fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. While football holds a special place in his heart, he also enjoys watching a variety of other sports, proudly supporting teams like the Hawkeyes, Rockies, and Jazz. During weekends, Justin and his wife Erin often explore the outdoors, and get lost on hikes.

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