Aksarben Village Retirement Community

The Aksarben Village Retirement Community is a wonderful, modern retirement community built in the middle of Omaha, Nebraska. They strive to provide services of the highest quality via a supportive environment that promotes the health, independence, security, and social interaction of all residents. The community offers an assisted and memory care unit as well as an independent unit. Commons areas are also available for residents to go to the salon, listen to music and engage in various activities.

Partnering with Alley Poyner Machietto, the exterior signage was designed to directly reflect the architectural elements of the exterior of the facility. Multiple sign types for different entrances locations were planned, designed, manufactured, and installed.


Wayfinding and ADA Interior Signage

Using subtle and warm colors the signage needed to be modern, compliment the interior design, and be flexible for evolving use of spaces. But most of all, the interior signage and Wayfinding signage needed to be simple, easily understood, and provide a high degree of contrast to offer the best legibility to residents, family, and friends.

Modular windows provide the onsite team the ability to update and change the sign with changing the use of spaces. Wayfinding signage can easily be updated with vinyl appliques. Finally, the light backgrounds and dark copy on all of the signs provide great legibility for all eyes viewing.

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