Bring your Workplace to Life! - Kinross Case Study

Kinross is one of the largest gold manufacturers in the world. When the company decided to move their US operations from Nevada to the Denver Tech Center in the Re/Max world HQ, they were facing a time constraint. New signs had to be implemented for a corporate quarterly meeting at the new location and they needed a partner to deliver on time with no issue at a very firm date.

Since Kinross was occupying only one floor in the building, branding was a challenge. The lobby had 2 existing, free standing walls with wood slats where a company's logo is typically mounted. However, Kinross wanted to put murals in that location.

Before we could install the murals, we had to remove the wood slats. Once removed, gallery-quality prints on photograph paper were mounted to the second surface of 1/8” acrylic and formed to the radius of the wall. Since the wall was freestanding it was not square or level, so installation took some serious planning and skill.

Latitude helped Kinross choose the images off their large library from sites across the world, and chose one from North America, and one from South America on the north and south walls accordingly.

Other Items

  • Logo: Kinross emphasized the importance of using company colors and the “gold bar” to make sure the signs were a good representation of the company. We started with LPS logo mounted on the exterior glass at the entryway, and then incorporated a monument sign within the interior lobby.
  • Interior Monument Sign: The monument needed to be mobile for large Re/Max events, and also for Kinross to strategically place or relocate for various events. It was designed with a hidden panel on the side to access lockable casters.
  • Interior sign program: We used a Mirtec system (with Intouch for the ADA element) and incorporated a gold bar to represent the company color. Included were room id, utility rooms, office and restroom/stairs. All office and cubicle signs included a changeable paper insert.


  • Mural produced by Reed Imaging in Denver.
  • Monument Sign with a hidden panel on the side to access lockable casters from ImageFirst

With this project, we managed to leverage the signage program and represent Kinross as a high-class gold corporation.

Download the Case Study on the Latitude Corporate Site

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