A Healthy Campus: Center for Integrated Wellness

A relationship formed between Latitude and Farnsworth Group allowed our central Illinois office to work on this multi-tenant integrated wellness campus.

The Center for Integrated Wellness, located in Bloomington, Illinois, includes:

Each facility has their unique brand that is integrated with careful intention to keep a clean and modern look that fit the architecture of the building.

The exterior signage package includes three main tenant identification signs that had careful consideration to tenant brand, placement, visibility, and city code. The goal of the exterior wayfinding design was to create a positive customer experience. It would be easy to get confused with a multi-tenant building so this was remedied through thoughtful wayfinding of the campus.

The interior portion of the project was completed in two stages. Code required and basic signage was finished early as required for building inspections; with the building exterior and wayfinding signage completed for the Grand Opening.

Project Designer: Dan VanWoert

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