Design-Build Signage Connects to the Heart of Kreg’s New Headquarters

Kreg Tool Company inspires its customers to connect their heart, head and hands to create woodworking projects that bring them joy and a sense of accomplishment. Their story began in 1989 as a backyard business and has grown into a global brand. In 2021, Kreg moved into their new headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa. The building features a beautiful minimalist style that connects to nature with a mix of metal and handsome wood elements, black accents, and stone floors.

Creative Approach to Interior Signage

Kreg and their owner’s representative Taylor Rep met with Latitude Signage + Design to share Kreg’s brand vision and design intentions for the new headquarters. After doing a deep design dive with the team, Latitude presented designs for an interior signage package that included environmental graphics, room identifiers, ADA signage, and innovative branding opportunities.

“We created three distinctive design concepts for their team to review,” says Tony Squire, Business Development Manager. “They were initially leaning toward one approach, but when we brought in samples for them to review they went another direction that better resonated with their brand.”

“The team at Latitude did a nice job of understanding our vision and working hard until we had the right solution.”

Stephanie Gott, Kreg VP of Human Resources

“Since we design and manufacture all the signage, it’s easy to get samples in the hands of the decision makers so they really know what they’re getting,” Squire says. “There aren’t many signage companies who can offer that and this benefit really makes it easy to respond to our client’s needs.”

Signage & Brand Consulting

In design-build projects, like this one with Kreg, Latitude acts as more of a member of the team rather than just a supplier of a product. For example, the Latitude team presented several branding opportunities they hadn’t considered, including a vibrant selfie wall that invites employees and guests to share their Kreg experience on social media.

“Latitude was hands on throughout,” Jaclyn Taylor, Owner of Tayler Rep says. “Latitude was agile as we made adjustments to design elements that we knew as a project team would impact the spaces significantly. Additionally they facilitated valuable conversations to ensure the designs we wanted to implement were consistent with the overall intent of the project.”

I would recommend working with Latitude to a small or large project. Their Design Build approach provides efficiency and their tenured team offers the unique experience owners and design firms will value and can rely on.

Jaclyn Taylor, Owner, Taylor Rep

Architectural Interior Signage

The results speak for themselves. With a mix of wood and acrylic, room identifiers and ADA signage are sleek and speak to the architectural style of the entire building. Even in the boardroom, the black-on-black aluminum fabricated logo sign was painted black to match the burnished wood wall behind it.

“Everything was very thoughtful, tasteful, and intentional,” Squire says. “Even the understated logos in the facility are aligned with the design intent of the building. The colors and materials used throughout the building create a cohesive design.”

Environmental graphics keep the nature and love of the outdoors theme going with an exploded image of a rushing river and evergreen trees. The graphic is split in half with the river portion on the first floor and the trees on the second floor. While this building may be new, it definitely delivered on the Kreg’s dedication to connecting heart, head and hands to a project.

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