Environmental Graphics Set the Scene at Lake Villa District Library

Setting the Scene with Signage

Environmental graphics set the scene for learning at the new Lake Villa District Library.

Storytime at the library is a favorite for many kids. And the children who visit the new Lake Villa District Library in Lindenhurst, Illinois, are in for a treat.

During the construction of the new library, a large area was set aside for a children’s reading room. It’s lined with bookshelves in the shape of houses that hold picture books, puppets, and puzzles. Behind the house-like shelves is a cityscape backdrop, which was created with a digital graphic printed on vinyl.

The library board worked with the architecture firm Studio GC to develop the plan for the new building. We collaborated with their teams to finalize the signs, produce them, and have them installed. “They had a great vision for what they wanted the children’s area and the entire library to look,” says Dan Salamone, our Chicago area sign expert. “We took their vision and brought it to life.”

Interior Signage

The interior signage at Lake Villa District Library spans all three floors. With a distinct wood finish and translucent acrylic background angle, it marries the wall surface with the sign. Directional signage on the main floor directs guests to the adult collection, business center, study rooms, and public computers.

Youth and young adults are directed to the lower level where they can find age-appropriate reading material, imaginative play areas, and a gaming room. And the upper level is for administrative offices.

The library was set to open while the library team was still finalizing material choices for the signage plan, our team developed temporary signage to greet guests to the new library. Once the plan was perfected, the final stylish architectural signage was installed.

“We love to be involved from the very beginning of the design-build process, but signage isn’t always what people are thinking about when they begin planning. With a project this big, they just wanted to take things one step at a time,” Salamone says. “In this case we were happy to be able to create temporary signs to get them through the grand opening and then install the permanent signage when they were ready for the next step.”

Exterior Signage Gives Direction

Our team collaborated with the architect and construction team to come up with a straightforward solution for exterior wayfinding. The building orientation and property lend itself to intuitive wayfinding but it was still necessary to make clear directions for high traffic areas like parking lots, book drop, entrance, etc.

Fun, intuitive, and welcoming. These were each accomplished at the Lake Villa Library. If you have a signage challenge, we're up for it. We'd really like to help.

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