A New Brand For a Legacy Client: Grinnell Mutual

A re-branding story with a rich history.

Refresh. Revive. A comprehensive solution for corporate rebranding.

Grinnell Mutual has been a long-time client of Latitude Signage, as both companies are thriving enterprises in the small town of Grinnell, Iowa. When Grinnell Mutual, formerly known as Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, decided to rebrand the company they naturally looked to their old friends at Latitude for new signs. What they got was so much more than just signs. Latitude embraced their new colors and logos and created a comprehensive rebranding strategy for their modern multi-site business.


As Grinnell Mutual’s business grew over the years some of their signs began to look outdated. And when they opened satellite offices in West Des Moines and Newton, there were signs that were inconsistent with the home office. Before producing any new signs for the rebranding project, Latitude Signage experts conducted a comprehensive sign audit. They walked through every Grinnell Mutual building creating a detailed list of what existing signs needed to be removed or replaced, and where new signs would be necessary.


Latitude took the detailed listing of signage needs and blended it with the refreshed brand standards from Grinnell Mutual to design new signs for its main campus and satellite locations. Latitude Project Managers coordinated the production and installation of the large exterior double-sided monument sign to coincide with the timing of the launch of the new brand.

After the big reveal, Latitude continued to work with the Grinnell Mutual VP of Facilities to coordinate the installation of the remaining signs. Their goal was to minimize disruptions to employees and to synchronize signage installation as other building changes were being executed.

Throughout the process, we worked very closely with the team at Latitude Signage, Iowa. Their team made great recommendations and were open to our suggestions. The whole rebranding process went very smooth and was done in a timely manner.

Tammy Vos, AVP Facilities and Administrative Services

Now every location has a consistent look with rebranded exterior signage and custom two-color acrylic interior signs. For a company that’s been in business for more than 100 years, Grinnell Mutual has a fresh modern look that will carry them into the future.

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