How Wayfinding Can Help Improve Campus Traffic - Iowa Central Case Study

The Iowa Central Community College (ICCC) is a community college located in Fort Dodge, Iowa.


After a major campus expansion of multiple new building projects and a complete campus re-design, ICCC's existing signage had become outdated and inefficient. And with a large percentage of commuting students looking primarily for assigned parking areas, the beginning of each school semester was showing the limitations of the wayfinding. The loop road serving the campus and also providing access to the parking areas had become a problematic decision point on the entrance drive between the public street and the loop road which created major bottlenecks.

Our sign team prepared a wayfinding study and designed a new signage master plan to bring out the school brand and colors, and create a universal look for the campus.


Controlling Traffic Flow with Signage

We were able to observe traffic flow and stacking, and with that information, place a sign in the optimal location to provide direction, get vehicles sorted in their correct lanes as they approach the intersection, to help keep traffic moving.

The two large campus gateway signs were designed to hold an illuminated, changeable bottom insert, a custom element that the school requested for announcing the temporary and special events on campus going on all year round that bring visitors, unfamiliar with campus, looking for specific buildings and events. The finished project also featured changeable panels on all directional signs, pedestrian maps, and parking lot identification and can change and grow with the campus.

Legacy Series

The Legacy sign system was used as the basis of design resulting in a contemporary look that reflects school buildings and colors. In particular, an angled fin motif on several of the buildings was easily incorporated into the sign design. At the main entrance, a selection of backlit panels with reoccurring school events was developed which can be switched out by ICCC. The result is the ability to update the sign to reflect current activities while maintaining a “permanent” look and the ability to maintain the signs as the campus grows.

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