Luxury Apartment Signage: Omaha's New Brickline at The Mercantile Shines Bright

Multi-phase signage comes together smoothly with superior project management.

The heart of Omaha just got an upgrade. The Mercantile is a mixed-use redevelopment of the former Conagra Foods campus. It comprises more than 20 acres of residential, commercial, retail, and green spaces. The first phase of this project was to build Brickline, a luxury apartment complex just steps from The Old Market and Riverfront areas.

A city-defining project like The Mercantile's Brickline needed distinctive architectural signage. A long-time resident of Omaha and signage expert, Erin Carey, Business Development Manager + Owner for Latitude Signage, reached out to the development team at Hines to discuss our turnkey approach to signage. “We started the process by presenting them with a Design-Build proposal that outlined a plan to program and design signage options that fit their goals,” Carey says. “Once they selected a design, our team went to work creating the production and installation plan.”

Urban Living Exterior Signage

Installed four stories high, the exterior projecting blade sign on the Brickline building is nearly 30 feet tall. It is illuminated with LEDs in face-lit aluminum channel letters with white translucent acrylic faces. In addition to the two 30' blade signs, oversized address numbers made of aluminum are bottom mounted to the canopy over the main entrance. These attention-grabbing signs immediately solidify the high-end urban living space that it is for both residents and guests.

Interior Architectural Signage On Budget

Inside Brickline, the sophisticated look continues. An eight-foot-wide Brickline logo made from one-inch-thick acrylic in gold welcomes everyone to the lobby of the building. Room identifier signs have a black background with an engraved grid pattern. Lettering and pictograms are digitally printed in a golden tone.

To stay on budget, the interior signage was value engineered. Instead of using a metal grid for directional signs, which would have cost more, the same grid-look was achieved by digitally printing the pattern on a clear acrylic backer. The high-end look of the signs was achieved while staying on budget for the client.

With the multitude of room identifier signs and ADA signage that had to be in place for building inspections throughout the construction process, this was a complex project. “Multi-phased projects are incredibly challenging to project manage,” Carey says. “Katie Gunia, our account manager, was extremely instrumental in the success of the project. She cross-referenced and double-checked everything to coordinate production and installation with the General Contractor and our in-house installation team. The results were seamless.”

Design-Build Signage Process: Making Signage Easier

Have a complex project and need a signage partner who can handle the flexibility needed to ensure success? The signage experts at Latitude Signage + Design are not just equipped to handle multi-phased projects, we’re here to consult and advise on the best way forward.

Connect with us anytime to learn more about this project or our personalized approach to every project.

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