Mixed Media Integrates To Create Unique History Wall Signage for Alvine Engineering

The tagline at Alvine Engineering is “Engineering innovation through science, art, and business.” And that’s exactly what they do. Alvine designs and develops advanced mechanical elements, such as lighting, HVAC, fire security, and more for commercial spaces. They seamlessly blend high-tech solutions into a beautiful architectural package.

When they reached out to Latitude Signage + Design to create a history wall in honor of Alvine’s 60-year-old business, there was a great collaboration between these two organizations that value design and smart solutions.

Designing History Wall Signage

Alvine came to Latitude with a lot of historical content for the wall. They had a timeline with many images and stories they wanted to include. And it all had to fit onto an existing wall, so getting the details exactly right was key.

“Meeting the expectations of their talented design team really made us elevate our game,” says Brandon Ver Meer, project manager for Latitude. “Once we met the client’s expectations, things went really smooth.”

The final design is a series of individual plaques installed along the wall to create a timeline with images, stories, and a few artifacts in display cases.

Cost Engineering for a History Wall

Originally, the plaques were going to be created on satin aluminum, but with such a large history wall display that material would have put the project over budget. Latitude design experts found more economical solutions that created the same desired look.

“Collaboration back and forth was critical,” says Erin Carey, Nebraska Sign Expert. “Our designer Andrej Steinbergs researched materials that would bring the design to the next level. He suggested orbital aluminum finishes and added dimensional lettering rather than flat or vinyl lettering to give the project dimension and the polished look they wanted.”

In the end, the history wall signage rings true to Alvine Engineering’s focus on science, art, and business. The collaboration between Alvine and Latitude to source the best materials resulted in a beautiful display and finished product.

If you are looking for help telling your company’s story, reach out to one of our signage experts to learn more about history wall signage.

Reach out to Erin Carey or Find An Expert here.

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