Burge Hall: Bringing Modern Custom Sign Design to Campus

College dormitories aren’t the institutional buildings we may remember. At the University of Iowa, Burge Hall is a small community tucked within the larger campus landscape. In addition to housing more than 900 residents, it also hosts a marketplace and a convenience store.

Notice we didn’t say cafeteria. The Burge Market Place is more like a food court offering nine different stations with a variety of foods, including made-to-order items. This location also serves a variety of soups, freshly baked bread, and specialty rotisserie meats. There’s nothing old school about this building from the 1950s.

The entrance to Burge Market Place is just as surprising as its menu. Stretched across a curved textured tile wall is custom LED signage.

Experiential Design Signage

The long curved wall leading to the Burge Hall Market Place was a design challenge, but when the building was updated the university wanted to elevate the look with a more modern interior design.

Precise measurements and testing signage designs made it possible to wrap the long sign around a tight corner and to mimic the shape of the curved wall.

The letters are custom formed in acrylic and lit from behind. This stunning LED signage piece creates a halo effect that adds drama to this entrance area.

Elevate Signage Design

There’s no rule that says historical buildings or institutions have to look and feel like they did generations ago.

If you need help rethinking how modern interior design could be brought into your next renovation project, reach out to any of our signage design experts.

Have questions about this project specifically? Reach out to Bryce Carlson, our Eastern Iowa Sign Expert.


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