Modern Look for a Modern Clinic

OSF HealthCare - Urgo clinics turn to Latitude for a vibrant signage package for their new brand.

Gone are the days when you have a long-standing relationship with a single doctor. Sure, you may see a primary care physician for regular checkups, but when you’re sick you just want to see someone right away.

OSF HealthCare in Illinois has launched a series of urgent care facilities called OSF Urgo, to treat individuals on the go who are looking for health care that is personalized, convenient, and quick.

Bold New Look

OSF Urgo needed a vibrant, modern sign package that reflected its unique approach to healthcare. “Typically, healthcare interior signage colors are neutral in color. This signage was very vibrant to make them pop,” said Tom Wilcoxen, Latitude Business Development Manager.

The exterior signage included face-lit channel letters fabricated from 4.5-inch deep aluminum channel letter coil stock with white translucent acrylic faces. The letter faces have a painted dual film applied to them so that they appear as the branded colored graphics during the day and illuminate white at night.

Turquoise colored digital print signs and ADA signage plays off the interior design of the clinic. For example, each check-in desk is wrapped in a blue TorZo Striata material. Latitude’s design team was inspired by this element and used the same TorZo material as a base layer to all the room identifier signs.

“We wanted the environment to reflect the unique and modern urgent care experience we were creating,” said Jennifer Towery, director of Creative Services for OSF HealthCare. “With Latitude’s help, the ‘wow’ starts even before the patient walks in the door.”

Creating Consistency

The signage package called for 18-20 interior and exterior sign types to be placed in fifteen locations as each new OSF Urgo clinic opened. All the fabrication for the signage was done in-house at Latitude’s Grinnell, Iowa production facility, and it was completed in less than four weeks. Separate exterior and interior installation crews installed the signs for added efficiency.

“Because there is a planned schedule for all of the new locations that are opening, there is a consistency from project to project,” Wilcoxen said. “This overall consistency has made each project operate like a well-oiled machine.” Latitude’s efficient project management system made it possible to execute this multi-site sign project with a modern look for a modern clinic.

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