Enhancing Patient Experience: OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute Signage

The OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute, a brand-new $237 million state-of-the-art cancer treatment and research facility, is situated on the OSF Saint Francis Medical Center campus in Peoria, Illinois. Spanning 200,000 square feet across five floors dedicated to cancer care, education, and research, it consolidates resources from various OSF locations in Peoria under one roof. OSF HealthCare and POINTCORE Construction, the construction manager, enlisted the expertise of Latitude Signage + Design to Design-Build (design, plan, fabricate, and install) all signage within the facility. Latitude also planned and developed a new campus-wide exterior Wayfinding signage plan to ensure clear navigation for patients and visitors to the Cancer Institute and OSF Healthcare existing buildings.

CEO Bob Anderson expressed to WBCU.org, “We've worked very hard to center ourselves around the patient and their cancer journey. That means starting with navigation, ensuring patients know where to go, and assisting them in planning their appointments and their cancer journey.”

Design-Build: Exterior + Interior Signage

Coordinating signage for both the Cancer Institute and OSF Saint Francis campus required efficient coordination. Under the leadership of Tom Wilcoxen, the Latitude team presented a comprehensive plan encompassing the planning, design, and rough budgeting of signage for the new Cancer Institute and campus-wide. Leveraging construction plans, our Experiential Graphic Design team programmed every space with appropriate Room ID signage, Wayfinding signage, Code signage, and more. For exterior signage, the team assessed existing signage and traffic routes, addressing wayfinding constraints and issues in consultation with OSF HealthCare leaders. Once signage types and quantities were determined and designed, Tom provided an accurate quote for approval, after which fabrication commenced.

Branding the Cancer Institute exterior entailed installing three building-mounted logo signs. Given the unique architectural terra-cotta panel facade, our team meticulously sealed penetrations from the inside during installation to preserve structural integrity. Swing stages were employed for signage installation due to completed landscaping at the building's base.

Interior signage and room identification signs boast simplicity, sophistication, and upgradability. Clean lines and polished edges enhance sign design. Leveraging the blue glass walls of elevator lobbies, Latitude incorporated a floral theme for each floor, seamlessly integrating nature from the garden. Customized cafe signage and wall graphics further enhance spatial intent.

Tom Wilcoxen, Director of Business Development at Latitude, asserts, “We can truly design, build, and think outside the box to get things done.” Latitude's team of designers and installers brings a high level of expertise to every project.

The reaction from our donors, patients, families, and caregivers to the magnitude of the donor wall at the OSF Cancer Institute was as we anticipated, ‘How can I get my name on the wall?'

Wendy Mitchell, Vice President of Foundation Operations for OSF HealthCare Foundation

Elevated Donor Signage

The OSF Foundation aims to honor impactful donors, reflected in the inclusion of a large donor wall, named spaces, and room donor signage at the Cancer Institute.

The Main Donor Wall, a bold statement measuring 50 feet wide and over 10 feet high, comprises acrylic panels hung on a stone wall. The staggered arrangement of 16-inch-wide panels creates a wave-like effect, complemented by digitally printed vinyl in varying blue hues. Matte acrylic donor plaques, featuring digitally printed raised lettering, adorn the panels.


Hanging the panels on the stone wall posed a significant challenge. Collaboration with the stone manufacturer led to the development of best practices for drilling into the wall. Using a custom-built drill, the installation team successfully created 300 holes over four days without compromising wall integrity.

Wendy Mitchell, Vice President of Foundation Operations for OSF HealthCare Foundation, notes, “The reaction from our donors, patients, families, and caregivers to the magnitude of the donor wall at the OSF Cancer Institute was as we anticipated, ‘How can I get my name on the wall?’ The wall itself is just breathtaking and certainly has exceeded our leadership’s expectations. The OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute donor wall is a shining example of the generosity of the community and can be a symbol of hope and healing for our patients.”

Growing Signage Needs:

The new building's construction altered campus flow, necessitating additional directional and wayfinding signage. Latitude seamlessly integrated these signs with the original signage package, ensuring continuity in navigation aids.

The Latitude team excels at managing the logistics of large-scale projects like this one. “We plan, design, fabricate, and install,” says Tom Wilcoxen. “Other companies may design signs, but few can execute a turnkey solution like we can.”

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