Form vs Function: Sammons Financial Group enjoys them both with on-brand architectural signage.

Inspired by vintage bank teller windows, the designers at Forcade developed signage designs that carried a metal grid pattern throughout Sammons Financial Group's exterior architectural signage and interior ADA and Wayfinding signs. Then our team of production designers, fabricators, and installers collaborated to make the designs come to life.

Exterior illuminated wayfinding signage looks like it’s elevated on a fabricated steel cage base. This design pairs with interior wayfinding signs that have a layer of wire mesh behind an acrylic sign. There is also a nod to this design routed into the background of signs throughout the building.

“Developing a design off the page and discussing how to bring the designers’ visions to life with our production team is exciting,” says Pat Mescher, Business Development Manager for Latitude Signage Latimer Group. “Our team was able to value engineer several aspects of the signage package so that we could generate significant savings for the client while also complying with elegant design details. This project was also featured in our Top 5 Outdoor Signs of 2020.”

Value Engineering Sign Design

One example of value engineering was with room identifier signs. Originally, the signs were to have a ribbed design routed into a metal substrate, which was expensive. Our signage design and manufacturing team was able to create the same high-end dimensional look by routing the design on acrylic and painting it to match the other branded signs. This product knowledge directly impacted the bottom line while also staying on design.

“Another creative solution we suggested to reduce costs was to apply a patterned translucent 3M vinyl that could be applied to glass walls for added privacy,” Mescher says. “This simple solution eliminated the need for costly custom glass installations.”

Custom Build Kiosks: Dynamic and Static Interactive Branding

Working from the original design our team came up with a creative way to build informational and illuminated kiosks in the lobby of the building that companion the large reception logo behind the check-in desk.

The kiosks both convey branding statically and dynamically. The Sammons messaging and story appear on updateable interactive screens while the kiosks instill the brand with static elements too. Custom millwork oak kiosks feature a routed logo and digital screens for announcements and corporate collateral. The kiosks are topped with translucent plexiglass over LED lighting. The effect is stunning, and the material is lightweight enough that the electrical elements can be easily accessed for future maintenance.

“There is a real sense of pride in our team and our capabilities when you walk through the building and realize that we were a part of every piece of signage. From the simplest parking sign to the most complex illuminated signage with custom fabrication, we manufactured and installed it all. We always appreciate being able to partner with great teams on great projects like this.”

Pat Mescher, Central Iowa Sign Expert

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