Town of Breckenridge, Colorado - Case Study

When the south branch library in the town of Breckenridge, Colorado, outgrew its location, the county and the town decided it was time to rehabilitate a historical high school building built in 1909 and expand it to be a community center for the benefit of everyone in the town.

Latitude began working with the architect on the project in the fall of 2013, developing the sign program.

Updating a Historical Building with Signage

Because of the historical heritage of the building, we decided that using slate and wood would offer the most classic looking materials that blended with the surroundings of the interior finishes, even though finding large enough pieces of antique slate is a large challenge, and drilling/cutting antique slate is very difficult.

The combination of antique slate, slate laminates, pine wood, acrylic and standoffs helped maintain a historic look while still offering high-end custom signage and not clashing with other sign types/ surroundings, such as the wide variety of donor recognition signage we had to work with as the project was mainly funded by donors.

Ultimately, our quality wood work and experience manufacturing and handling antique slate helped compliment the building with a high end touch while maintaining ADA compliant signage throughout the historic building.

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