When the Lights Came on in Omaha: The Breakers

Latitude creates custom signs for Breakers, an electric new urban living complex.

What was once home to Omaha’s power supply, is now supplying residents with a hip new place to live. NuStyle Development Corporation has a vision to revive Omaha’s historically industrial riverfront area into a thriving residential and commercial district. The Breakers is a 218-unit apartment complex that sits along the west bank of the Missouri River and pays homage to its former life as a power plant.


The Breakers large vertical exterior sign sets the tone for the building’s signage designs. Playing with the idea of light and electrical currents, this illuminated sign has custom fabricated letters that instill the feel of a neon sign. The Latitude Signage production design experts helped to value engineer the designer’s vision to both create this captivating sign made of aluminum and acrylic, and stay on budget.


Signs inside the building repeat the custom electric font and appear to float against the wall. To capture a light airy feel production designers tested several levels of transparency on the acrylic signs. Ultimately a ¼-inch clear acrylic with first surface digital print-on-panel colors created the perfect effect. Mounting caps punctuate the playful balance between the industrial feel of the building and the visual theme of light.


Latitude also installed an oversized digital print in the pool area. This dynamic wall features the signature electric B wrapped around a corner of the pool deck wall as well as standard public pool rules.

"The large digital print creates a graphic statement resembling artwork with the pool rules. It gives the pool area much more character than just a sign on the wall," says Terri Leedom, Assistant Director of Design.


The project team, including Bethany Bauman, designer, APMA Architects, and Latitude executed a completely custom, creative architectural sign package for NuStyle Development Corporation. Latitude worked with the developer to sign plan the entire structure, helped value engineer everything from the large exterior signage to the interior room signs to achieve a great look for a great price and made sure to hit deadlines so the building was ready for its new residents.

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