4 Donor Recognition Walls From 2020 Worth Remembering

February 2021


“Donor Wall” and “Donor Recognition Wall” doesn’t quite seem to fit the level of donor work our clients had installed in 2020. These designs and materials are closer to “art.” Every donor wall we do pushes the boundaries for design, delivery of donor information, and unique materials and these are just 4 of the favorites from the last year!


Hoff Family Arts & Culture Center Donor Wall

The Pottawattamie Arts, Culture, & Entertainment (PACE) was able to open the Hoff Family Arts & Culture Center with tremendous financial support from the community. And they wanted to recognize the patrons of the arts with a donor wall that was as dynamic as the building itself. Arranged in a series of sizes, depending on the level of giving, the donor wall features a myriad of sign options. Dimensional letters in acrylic, plaques with etching or recessed text painted black, and vinyl lettering work together to create a beautiful mosaic of donor names. The black, white, and wood colors of the donor wall coordinate perfectly with the center’s industrial loft feel.

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Geneva Public Library Donor Wall

A public library is a huge part of the community, and the Geneva Public Library District wanted to thank its many generous donors with a donor wall. Our design team designed a two-part donor wall with acrylic panels on the wall and a digital screen framed in wood to match other monitors throughout the building.

The digital screen within the donor wall features major donors along with their bios and other interesting information. Paired with the digital screen are donor wall panels that range in size depending on the size of the charitable gift. This combination of static and digital signage allows the library to easily update the donor wall with future campaigns.

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Iowa State Fair, The Spirit of Generosity

The challenge here was to design a “finished” looking wall that is an open canvas for donor opportunities to spread the "Spirit of Generosity." The goal given to our team by the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation was that the design and functionality were to transcend time, entice donors, and have the qualities of an art piece in the newly renovated Bruce L. Rastetter 4H Exhibits Building. In addition, the wall needed to attract visitors no matter what event was happening in the building. While it is the 4H building during the Iowa State Fair, it is the most highly used building year-round meaning the design had to be intriguing no matter whose eyes were on the wall.

The design inspiration came from a stained glass piece the client presented.

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Pana Community Hospital, Building Project Donor Wall

This 25-bed hospital in Central Illinois may be small in size but it is big in the community when it came to donations for the PCH Building Project Capital Campaign. This design of this donor wall art piece recognizes all the individuals, businesses, and organizations at six different levels who have given to this project to make the expansion and renovation possible. Along with the wall is a digital kiosk to ensure all donors' past, present, and future can be dynamically recognized.
Learn more about this donor wall from our friends at Pana Community Hospital

Pana Community Hospital Building Campaign Donor Recognition Wall

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