Top 5 Outdoor Signs of 2021

February 2022


Community Monument Sign Welcomes and Communicates

Johnston Town Center

Boasting a digital message center to keep residents up to date with everything in the community, this sign measures in at just over 9 feet tall and 14-foot wide. This exterior community sign welcomes visitors to the newly established Johnston Town Center and notifies residents of all the fun things happening in the area.

Learn more about this community-building effort and see the additional signage on the campus now.

A Giant Outdoor Sign for a Giant Slide

Iowa State Fair

This sign is big, bold, double-sided, and proudly honors the Reichardt Family. An in-house design in collaboration with the Blue Ribbon Foundation, this sign measures nearly 30’ wide, 5’4” tall, and 2’ deep. The aluminum cabinet sign was fabricated in two sections for easier (and more cost-efficient) installation due to the install location being 50’ in the air. Digitally printed graphics on aluminum for the back-side and the same graphics CNC-cut and illuminated on the slide-facing side. There will be no mistaking the location for any fairgoers of this historic slide.

Check out all the images of this sign and see the full-day install timelapse video here.

Glass Buildings Need Channel Letter Signage Too

Denver Health

Installing signage on glass brings the sign production and install plan to a whole new level. Adding to that is the install location is 7 stories high and there’s another logo that needs to be installed on brick. Channel letter signage like this takes great collaboration from all teams. This glass-mounted logo is 38 feet wide and required coordination with the GC to install knife plates between the windows during the build. The sign was then fabricated with a tube structure that could be supported on these knife plates for a successful installation.

Hear our sign expert, Justin Halverson, explain how this was done and see all the signage on the Denver Health campus now.

Pedestrian Signs To Navigate Lake Fun

Iowa Great Lakes

Whether guests arrive by car, bike, or on foot, these charming signs lead them throughout the historic waterside park with a design intended to connect multiple communities around the areas of the lake. The digital printed gradient and top layer sign shape reinforce the lake effect our design partners intended.

See all the signs and dream of lake life until we get warmer temperatures.

Simple Branding Signage Makes a Big Impact

Carson Group

Seems simple enough, a logo on your building. But the combination of the lines of light adds a new dimension to a rather simple sign concept. This 26-foot wide logo uses a dual film that allows it to illuminate white at night while it overlooks the interstate in Omaha, Nebraska.

This sign is just one small part of this new headquarters, learn more and see the corporate history wall here.

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