Top 5 History Walls of 2021

March 2022


History walls require a lot of navigation, strategy, and planning. They require more ‘hands-on’ collaboration to compile all the necessary records, details, and images. A team to review, edit and approve the details included. In addition to all of that, history walls need to tell a story and provide context for the reader, visitor, or audience to understand the impact made by the company's history or series of events being depicted. If you're thinking about a history wall, here's a good place to start.

These 5 history walls took dedicated teams on all sides of the project: client, design, manufacturing, installation. Our team and clients worked so hard to complete all the tasks needed to make these walls come to life and we’re so fortunate to have great partners like these.

Air Force Academy: Air Warrior Combat Memorial

It started with an idea that developed into a clear strategy to honor the Air Combat History of the United States of America. The group of dedicated donors and volunteers worked for years to tell this story. Learn more about the story and see the full project here.

Alvine Engineering: Mixed Media History of Engineering

Focusing on science, art, and business, this unique display tells the story of an engineering company using images, text, and period tools and objects. Acrylic display cases keep objects visible with details to explain and understand their significance. Telling a story through time and tools is exactly what this project achieved. Learn more here.

Brandon Ver Meer, Project Manager, Latitude Latimer Group

“Meeting the expectations of their talented design team really made us elevate our game.”

UNMC Munroe-Meyer: A Century of Caring

Celebrating 100 years of advocacy and ambassadorship to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the team at the Munroe-Meyer Institute told their story through a modern and dimensional display. This colorful wall with companion digital displays is a sensory and enlightening experience. See more of the history wall and the entire project here.

Andrej Steinbergs, Environmental Graphic Designer, Latitude Latimer Group

“I felt a history wall of that magnitude deserved some dynamic energy so I called for concealed LEDs to add drama.”

Carson Group: Bringing History to Life

This brand-inspired history wall spans 5 pods of history, each covering a decade or major company milestone. The shapes, graphics, dimension, LED lighting, and color all embody the brand of the Carson Group spot on. Learn more about this project here.

Alex Henery, Tetrad Property Group

"Latitude does a great job making the signage work seamlessly with the overall package."

Johnston Town Center: A Quick History Lesson for a New Town Center

Established in the mid-1800s, but never centered around a proper town center the City of Johnston Iowa is building this hub now. Boasting a military training site, and a major agricultural history it was time for Johnston to innovate for the future, but pay homage to their humble beginnings. This history wall is on beautiful reclaimed wood that made for a thoughtful process and story. See the full new town center and more on this town center’s story here.

Thomas Thatcher, OPN Architects.

“Latitude’s understanding of the needs of the sign itself helped both the design team and the city find the best design for their use. It was a truly hands-on approach to solving a problem.”

Creating History?

Not sure where to start or how to strategize a history display for your team or company? Here's a great resource: How Do I Create A History Wall?

Have questions about any of these projects or want to talk to someone about a project? We're here and happy to help, contact us anytime.

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