Preconstruction Planning Creates a Seamless Signage Experience in a Hospitality Environment

Hospitality Partnership With Clear Focus

With attention to detail and responsive project management, Latitude fixes issues before they become problems for our clients.

In the hospitality industry, visitors are constantly have moving in and out of spaces, so hotel signs serve many purposes. The design, functionality, and clarity of signage connects consumers to the hotel’s brand, directs guests where to go, and keeps guests safe with emergency instructions.

Partnering early with the developer of this project, the interior and exterior signage for the Element by Westin hotel in West Des Moines, Iowa went off without a hitch. This modern hotel is committed to eco-friendly practices and healthy living. The signage goal was to match the hotel’s sleek style and focus on sustainability. The hotel’s complex series of signage required a hands-on approach to design, manufacturing, quality control, and installation.


Tricky Transformers: Exterior Signage Problem Solving

Drawing colors from the Element hotel’s logo, the exterior aluminum and acrylic signs are dark gray with pops of lime green. LED illumination is a savvy choice with low-energy costs and minimal maintenance.

Luckily, we were engaged early in the process. A potential issue was identified with an exterior illuminated letter set and it was necessary to craft a solution before it became an expensive problem for the client. Directly behind the letters of the exterior sign with the hotel’s name was a guest room. To avoid interrupting the guests’ experience with bulky transformer boxes, Latitude was able to mobilize several months early in the overall construction process & install secondary LED wiring necessary for the illumination and relocate the transformers to an interior hallway. This solution allows easy access to the transformer box without impeding on a guest’s space. Illuminating exterior signage is an important aspect to all businesses, read more illumination and branding here.

Having a partner that is willing to run with signage on a hospitality project in a turnkey fashion is critical for us

Dave Thorpe, Managing Director, Design & Construction

Sleek & Attractive Wayfinding Signage

Sign placement and messaging are critical to wayfinding signage within the hotel. With local project managers onsite, Latitude signage experts could adapt signage from the original architectural plans to match the elements in the finished product. For example, a grassy courtyard design was updated during construction, and instead of placing the sign in the middle of a new sidewalk, Latitude was able to update the location and install it in the best place.

The signs also had to blend seamlessly with the hotel’s smart, stylish look. Laser etching on frosted acrylic that appears to float over a bamboo backdrop provides directional signage that suits the modern spa-like feel of the hotel.

Code Changes During Project: Fire Code Compliant Emergency Exit Signage

Between the design phase and completed construction on the hotel, the fire code regulations had changed in West Des Moines. Being the "local" and having a relationship with the Developer, we brought these to their attention. Design changes, signage location updates, and installation of new fire code information on a multitude of signs throughout the building. This proactive solution saved the client time and stress.

"Having a partner that is willing to run with signage on a hospitality project in a turnkey fashion is critical for us," says Dave Thorpe, Managing Director, Design & Construction.

It’s beneficial to clients to have local project managers and professional installers working with architects and contractors early in the process to help identify and address issues to prevent frustrating delays later on during construction.

Choose a Partner Early

Choosing a local sign expert that can identify issues before they become a problem is important. Feel free to poke around and learn more about our sign experts. Have a question? Shoot us a note, we're here to help.

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