City Signage: Enhancing the Identity of Pleasant Hill, Iowa through Architectural Signage

Pleasant Hill, Iowa, a growing city with a strong sense of community, embarked on a signage project to improve Wayfinding, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of public spaces. Pleasant Hill, located in the heart of Iowa, is a city known for its natural beauty, community spirit, and vibrant local businesses. In recent years, the city recognized the need to revitalize its signage system to better serve residents and visitors, elevate its visual identity, and support local commerce. Partnering with both the city and Confluence Landscape Architecture, Latitude Signage + Design was honored partner on production designs, then build and install this great new signage.

We appreciate partnering with Latitude Signage + Design on our architectural signage projects. They bring expertise in the construction and best materials to achieve our design intent.

Chris Della Vedova, President/CEO at Confluence

Signage Design and Manufacturing

The Latitude team ran with the conceptual drawings provided by Confluence Landscape Architecture. Signage materials, sizing, and placement were dialed in and final production drawings were developed for approval and manufacturing. The final designs use a layered design with a blend of metals and “wood” to achieve the natural outdoor/park look. The “wood” look is powder coated aluminum that will hold up better in exterior environments. This technique is used for the parks and the unique donor monument (pictured).

Locations for signage are thoughtfully located and placed based on underground burial, code, and viewing distance for visitors. This combination of location, design, and manufacturing create clear identification and directions to parks, public buildings, and business which reduces confusion and improves overall navigation.

The Pleasant Hill, Iowa signage is more functional and visually appealing for their urban environment. By listening to the community, engaging professional guidance, Pleasant Hill successfully transformed its signage system, contributing to the city's identity and overall livability.

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