Dormie Network: A Multi-Site National Signage Partnership

Dormie Network is a unique private membership experience offering private golf destinations across the country. As they have grown, they needed a cohesive signage solution for their properties. The Latitude Signage + Design team developed a relationship with Dormie President Zach Peed that started with one location and now encompasses all seven locations across the country. The result is a successful multi-location, national signage partnership.

Dormie provides a customized experience to its members. In addition to offering premier golf courses, they also provide first-class, on-site accommodations. Their members can access all the clubs and are encouraged to visit each. The experts at Latitude created a signage solution that led to a cohesive look and feel across the properties. This creates a sense of familiarity for members when they visit different courses.

Our goal is to simplify the whole signage experience.

Todd Carey, VP of Sales and Marketing

Custom Signage Creates A Unique Experience

Some of Dormie’s locations have site-specific styles. The partnership with Latitude began when our team worked with Dormie Network’s general contractor. The signs at Briggs Ranch in San Antonio have a rustic wood design. The signs have a Victorian aesthetic at Hidden Creek in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. “Working with the architect and the owner, we were able to provide them with a fresh new look and style that fits each property,” Carey says.

Design-Build Approach Equals Savings

As Dormie continues to expand to more locations across the country, its partnership with Latitude has evolved. For their latest project, GrayBull Golf Club, Dormie worked directly with Latitude to plan, design, manufacture, and install the signage through our Design-Build process. Our team worked with Dormie to standardize the style and materials of both the interior and exterior signs. For Dormie, this eliminated the cost of having a general contractor manage the signage, which is a big savings. GrayBull is currently under construction at Nebraska Sandhills.

The Latitude team consistently exhibits a deep understanding of the intricacies of our signage projects, navigating complexities with ease and efficiency. Their team's clear communication and collaborative spirit have been invaluable in ensuring smooth project execution and successful outcomes at all of our clubs

Mark Ruhga, COO Dormie Network

Rusted Finish Signage Create a Cohesive Look

Signs at Dormie’s most recent locations feature a faux rust finish. Our team has developed a process that mimics the look of rusted steel on aluminum or acrylic, which results in lighter, more durable, and cost-effective signs. The ability to use aluminum instead of steel to achieve this look is beneficial for a couple of reasons, learn more here. “We shared this material with the architect who developed the original designs (using rusted steel) that we took and made our own,” Carey says. Now, the faux rust finish signage has become Dormie’s signature look. The design has been used at clubs nationwide, including ArborLinks, TXO, Victoria National, and more.

“Now that we have a standard look, we can carry it out in the future on courses that Dormie Network purchases or builds,” Carey says.

Latitude’s ability to plan, design, manufacture, and install sets us apart. Our team works hard to streamline the process and create designs that fit and can be replicated, which allows our clients to eliminate the middleman.

Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly recommend Latitude Signage and Design for any project. Their exceptional skills, reliability, and commitment to excellence make them a truly outstanding partner.

Chris Graham, CHO Dormie Network

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