Best Interior Architectural Signage of 2022

January 2023


Best ADA Signage AND Environmental Graphics

This project boasts our favorite ADA signage and experiential graphics. The ADA room signage at Kreg Tool Company is simple, yet purposefully designed to align the brand and architectural environment of this new headquarters building. Kreg produces woodworking tools for first-timers to pros. The Kreg brand has a strong history and “believes in the idea of connecting head, heart, and hands through building projects.”

This signage was designed with strength, nature, trees, and wood all in mind. The architectural elements used in the building include burnished and natural wood, which is the inspiration for the ADA room signage with a ½’ thickness to portray strength and stability. Traditionally ADA room signs are around ¼” thick.

The environmental graphics package continues the design intent of the natural elements with a landscape forest and river scene that spans both floors of the building. The first-floor show depicts the rolling waters of a river, while the second floor shows the upper portion of the same image that includes a forest scene.

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Best Donor Wall

Renovating a three-level historical space is tricky, especially if you’re going to turn it into a performing arts theatre. On the Iowa City pedestrian mall the Riverside Theatre did just that. So when the elevator doors open on the third floor, any patron that is a donor sees the wall with their name on it, and anyone that is not a donor…might just be convinced to be one.

The circle design was inspired by the globe lights used throughout the building. But drilling into a 100-year-old wall needs to be minimal. So a foundation piece was used, it’s a brass channel that’s attached securely to the wall and has the donor circles attached to the brass channel. This gives the design flexibility and room to grow without having to make changes to the wall itself.
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Best Hospitality Historic Renovation

Dating back to 1919, this 100-year-old Hotel Fort Des Moines boasts creative architectural signage as part of its complete restoration. In the heart of downtown Des Moines, the Hotel Fort Des Moines has seen travelers come and go for more than a century. From hosting weekend vacationers to celebrities such as Elvis and Johnny Cash, the hotel is an iconic part of the city.
The signage had its part to play in this boutique hotel’s historic renovation. The art deco signage design features dapper silhouettes of men and women for the restroom signs and lots of black and brass tones.
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