Signage Expert: Erin Carey


Erin Carey has been an integral part of the Latitude Signage + Design team for an impressive 29 years. Having grown up at Latitude, she has experienced various roles within the company, from being an installer and sign-maker to playing the role of a talkative receptionist. Erin found her true calling in Business Development, where her communication skills are highly valued. Witnessing the company's growth over the years has been a constant source of inspiration for her.

Erin’s resume boasts many big names and projects including: University of Nebraska Medical Center Munroe Meyers Institute, Carson Wealth Group, and Pottawattamie Arts & Culture Hoff Center are just a few. One project that holds a special place in Erin's heart is the restoration of the 1920's Dundee Theatre. This community project allowed her to blend the theater's historical charm with modern elements. From consulting to producing and installing exterior signage and donor recognition, Erin found joy in contributing to the revitalization of this landmark theater. Seeing the positive impact on the entire community is a rewarding experience for her, and she takes pride in learning the history and creating something that seamlessly fits with the facility's design.

What sets Latitude apart is the custom approach we take to both services and products. Our comprehensive Design-Build plan allows collaboration on all aspects from planning to install. Our in-house manufacturing collaborates with design to ensure each design can be built and from the best materials. From initial consulting and design to engineering and final installation. This 360-degree approach allows clients to get the custom signage for their brand that also fits in their budget.

Erin Carey

Throughout her years of selling signage, Erin has learned the importance of follow-through. Whether it's promptly returning phone calls or checking in after an installation, she prioritizes ensuring customer satisfaction. Building strong relationships and being there for her clients even after the project is completed is a vital aspect of her work.

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