WorldWide Logistics: Design-Build Corporate Signage

The client experience is critical in today's market, and Latitude delivers an experience that, in my opinion, is unmatched.

Jaclyn Taylor - Owner, Taylor REP

WorldWide Logistics delivers excellence in the logistics industry. They turned to the experts at Latitude for planning, custom design, manufacturing, and installation for the interior and exterior signage at their new Urbandale headquarters.

The new corporate offices of a quickly expanding global business in Urbandale, Iowa, brought their team under one roof with room to grow. WorldWide Logistics partnered with the signage experts at Latitude Signage + Design to handle all of their signage needs.

The project was a full Design-Build project from the early construction stages. Local owner’s rep Jaclyn Taylor, Taylor REP, reached out in the beginning stages of the design for both interior and exterior signage. “Taylor REP likes working with Latitude because of their full design-build process and the resources the team has internally to support the needs of my clients. The creative design team and detailed project managers allow clients to realize their vision and then Latitude makes it even better” Jaclyn commented.

Optimizing Brand: Exterior Building Signage

The size and mounting detail of the exterior building signage, the WorldWide logo, took a collaborative effort. Every vertical inch of the building at the installation location was used to make the logo as large as possible. Latitude optimized every inch of available space with the arc brushing the top and the descender of the “g” going right to the bottom. The exterior building walls are pre-tension concrete so the team worked directly with the wall manufacturer to provide the exact location for electrical penetrations to avoid hitting tensioned steel.

This illuminated logo has blue faces during the day and illuminates white at night for optimal viewing. The letters have face applied 3M perforated vinyl to allow the white LED illumination to glow through.

Limited by city code, Latitude had to submit the initial design to the city for the monument sign. Per code, street frontage is required to have a sign and the building has a large setback with property between it and the street. WorldWide Logistics acquired the property in between the building and the street which made the monument sign a “go.” The sign has ¼” thick dimensional letters, per code, and is set on a concrete base with flood light illumination.

“WorldWide Logistics was a project that was impacted in several ways, mostly due to equipment delays within the supply chain. With that said, it created various issues for furniture, equipment, and signage coordination. Latitude was flexible and remained fluid with the adjustments we had to make in the field and on the site to address the various impacts and issues. Latitude was able to respond effectively with the entire team's involvement. Secondly, Latitude had a short runway to design, manufacture, and install the custom interior and exterior signage. The Latitude team successfully kept the project on track.” Jaclyn Taylor


Interior Signage Shines Bright

When you walk inside the building a large illuminated logo makes a statement at 14 feet long by 6 1/2 feet tall. The team designed a trimless logo for a cleaner look. Each dimensional letter has a wall penetration and is wired together on the opposite side of the mounting surface with an interior raceway. Our team coordinated with the general contractor, Opus Group to leave an access panel for electrical wiring. “It was a fairly technical install,” says Tony Squire, Business Development Manager at Latitude. “Because of the sign’s placement above the stairway it required scaffolding to install. The walls in the atrium have a special wall covering that we had to be careful not to damage during installation.”

Privacy Vinyl Lets The Light In

For great natural lighting throughout the building, all of the rooms have glass walls. A linear-designed privacy vinyl was created and installed to assist with the open, bright feel. The main conference room has a custom-designed privacy vinyl feature emulating the Des Moines skyline. This both adds visual appeal and elevates the impressive look of the large glass-enclosed space.

ADA Signage Let's the Light Through

The Interior signs have a minimalist design and are cost-effective. Constructed of acrylic, the signs were painted to match the building and layered to provide dimensional impact. They are intentionally very linear to mimic the building’s design with decorative gyford pucks to add dimension. The signs are ADA-compliant with tactile letters and braille. Workstation rows are identified with individual cubicle signs and are easily changeable via paper inserts and relocatable with clear acrylic hangers.

“The client experience is critical in today's market, and Latitude delivers an experience that, in my opinion, is unmatched.” Jaclyn Taylor

Bring the Latitude Signage + Design team on at the beginning of your project to manage all your design, manufacturing, and installation needs.

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