January 2024


It’s that time of year when we look back at just a few of the projects completed in 2023 and choose our favorites. Here they are and make sure you check out the full project links!

Favorite Exterior Projecting Blade Sign: Brickline at The Mercantile

Installed four stories high, these 30’ tall exterior projecting blade signs clearly identify the Brickline building in Omaha, NE. Illuminated with LEDs the face-lit aluminum channel letters glow with white translucent acrylic faces. In addition to the two 30' blade signs, oversized address numbers made of aluminum are bottom mounted to the canopy over the main entrance. These attention-grabbing signs immediately solidify the high-end urban living space that it is for both residents and guests.

See more photos of this sign and the rest of the project here.
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Favorite Donor Wall: Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum

A custom flat cut aluminum lattice serves as the foundation for this distinctive Norwegian-American designed donor wall at the Vesterheim in Decorah, Iowa. On the left side of the V, solid white oak donor panels list the names of high-level donors. These panels click onto the aluminum frame to create a dynamic interconnected pattern. The look is stunning, on brand, and the design offers the practical flexibility of adding additional panels as new donors continue to make contributions.

On the right side of the V, acrylic panels painted Cosmic Gray have the names of every other donor printed in Eggshell White. This design also leaves space available to honor future contributors to the capital campaign.

Learn more about this project and see photos of all the signs here.
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Favorite Use of Unique Materials: City of Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill partnered to elevate the signage at their main buildings and parks. The final designs use a layered design with a blend of metals and “wood” to achieve the natural outdoor/park look. The “wood” look is powder coated aluminum panels rated for an exterior environment. This material is used for the parks and the unique donor monument with complementing gray signage for the sub sign types within the sign family.

Check out these signs and learn more about this project here.
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Favorite Exterior Signage: Banner Health

Banner Health partnered to implement a signage master plan across several campuses throughout Colorado, Nebraska, and Nevada. A master plan across multiple campuses is a large endeavor and Latitude took a design-build approach to the signage project. Using existing sign standards, signage was fabricated then delivered and installed at each campus. This project required a variety of illuminated and non-illuminated exterior cabinet signs, back-lit channel letters, and a variety of smaller support signage.

See all the signage here.
Learn more about our Design-Build process here.


Favorite Outdoor History Signage: Ahrens Park

Claude Ahrens spent many years of his career redesigning and selling the Miracle Whirl merry-go-round and other popular park features like swings, slides, and teeter-totters, it was only fitting that the Ahrens/Paschall Memorial Park had an impressive and inclusive playground for all ages on the land he donated to the town. This new outdoor history signage tells the story of Claude and his family. To make the signs feel like part of the park, the design team used a CNC routed aluminum custom vine and leaf motif for the header of the history signs. This design runs through the center of the donor wall signage as well. The floral-like logo of the Ahrens Foundation on the bottom of the four history signs pairs well with the leaf design.

See all of the signs and the park here.
Interested in history walls? Click here for “How Do I Build A History Wall.”


Favorite Educational Signage: Mason City High School

With such new and modern facilities for their athletics, Mason City High School wanted the signage to also reflect their pride in the school. The signage would need to capture their school spirit and inspire students and community leaders to continue Mason City’s history of excellence. So our design team got to work. This project includes illuminated 4ft dimensional letters, 4 donor walls, a hall of fame wall with digital display, and a custom logo.

Learn more about this project and see all the signage here.
If you like the bottom mounted dimensional letters used for this project, here’s our“Channel Letter Signage Guide” for you to check out.


Favorite State Championship Recognition Wall: Lincoln-Way High School

Walking through the halls of Lincoln-Way East high school in Frankfort, Illinois, is now like walking through the pages of a school yearbook. Team pictures, action shots, and photos of teams holding up state championship trophies line the school’s new State Championship wall. Along the wall, there is a plaque for every state championship team and state runner up that takes the long block hallways to the next level.

See all the photos and the digital Hall of Fame display here.
Here’s a great example of exterior State Championship signage you might appreciate if you’re into winning.


2023 was a big year of rebranding here at Latitude Signage + Design, along with a record breaking year of designing and building signage that we’re fortunate to have partnered on. Thank you to all of our partners (many not shown here), we look forward to a great 2024.

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